Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP)

The Kelsian Group Limited DRP allows eligible Shareholders to reinvest all or part of any dividend paid on their Shares in additional Shares instead of receiving the dividend in cash. It is a convenient way to increase your holding of Kelsian Shares, without incurring transaction costs.

The DRP is administered in accordance with the DRP Rules, and you can read a set of frequently asked questions on participation in the DRP.

Participation in the DRP is entirely optional. If you wish to participate, vary or terminate your participation, you can elect to do so by completing an Instruction Form and returning to BoardRoom. Alternatively, you can log into the InvestorServe portal or contact BoardRoom.

It is important that you read the DRP Rules carefully, along with the DRP eligibility notice to shareholders outside Australia before deciding whether to participate in the DRP.

If you have any questions or need advice on whether you should participate in the DRP, please contact an independent professional adviser.