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Green priorities for public transport post-COVID

Wednesday 01 June 2022

Overseeing 222 million customer journeys each year, Kelsian Group CEO Clint Feuerherdt recently contributed to the Public Transport Association Australia New Zealand (PTAANZ) conference, as an expert panellist on The Green Economy: Moving Towards Clean Mobility.

Mr Feuerherdt is behind the wheel of Australia’s largest land, marine, tourism and public transport operator, with contracts also in Singapore and London. The group is also known globally for a commitment to sustainability, innovation and technology.

“Public transport has a key role to play in combating global warming and creating more inclusive cities,” said Mr Feuerherdt.

“Clean air and low traffic congestion are vital to a city’s liveability, and we know, as Australia’s most experienced hydrogen and electric battery bus operator, that drivers and passengers prefer travelling on green transport solutions. Sustainable transport options are an absolute priority on the road to recovery.”

Michelle Batsas, Chief Executive Officer of the Public Transport Association Australia New Zealand, said there are positive signs that people are returning to public transport.

“COVID has changed the way we live and the traditional nine to five peak may be a thing of the past, so the public transport sector needs to adapt and find new ways to attract passengers,” Ms Batsas said.

“That might include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating a local transport manufacturing industry and delivering new services outside the peak that keep the country moving.”

Mr Feuerherdt added that rising fuel prices had stimulated further interest in hydrogen powered bus solutions.

“Customers can expect to experience more sustainable travel as we work with Government and industry partners to deliver more zero emission buses, while increasing convenience with more innovation solutions like demand responsive options and turn-up-and-go services,” he said.

Demand responsive services have recently been added to Transit Systems’ Victorian network, while timetable-less services, where customers can expect more frequent services, are already in operation across Sydney.

“It’s an exciting time in public transport. There are more dynamic working conditions combined with technology and environmental innovation, meaning there are more opportunities than ever before to connect with customers and change the way people experience public transport. It’s more green, convenient and reliable than ever before,” he said.

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