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  • Transit Systems’ driver recruitment 100% on track

Transit Systems’ driver recruitment 100% on track

Monday 08 July 2024

Bus loads of new drivers have undergone training and induction at Transit Systems, with 100% of drivers recruited for the South West Link rail replacement contract with Transport for NSW.

Transit Systems NSW Managing Director Daniela Fontana said it has successfully recruited all required drivers for its component of the project.

“We are pleased to see our investment into our recruitment efforts achieve the outcomes required, and set the benchmark for the industry.

“We’re proud to work alongside our government partners to continue investing in the development of people, providing advanced skills training and development, while attracting new people to the industry,” she said.

With extensive network planning and transition experience, Transit Systems secured the contract to deliver the majority of rail replacement bus services for South West Link, during the upcoming final Metro conversion of the T3 Bankstown Line.

“We surpassed our initial recruitment targets, but we are not taking the pedal off the metal when it comes to driver recruitment. As Sydney's largest bus operator, our efforts to find and retain the best talents are ongoing, ensuring that we keep our cities moving efficiently and reliably.

“Many thanks to our local team of recruitment and training experts, and also to our additional driver trainers flying in from Perth to keep up with the influx of new trainees,” she said.

The Transit Systems’ recruitment campaign attracted a strong stream of applicants, with dozens of new drivers completing training each week including new driver Allison Smith.

“The training from Transit Systems has been great, it is so supportive. I am really enjoying connecting with passengers and everyone is so respectful,” said Ms Smith.

Drivers are paid to complete training and have a guaranteed job offer upon successful completion of the program added Ms Fontana.

“From working with school children, to accessibility support and customer service, we know our drivers are tasked with a duty of care to get people where they need to go, safely and reliably,” she said.

With full-time, part-time, casual and fixed term contracts available, Fontana said there are also sign on bonuses of up to $6,000.

“Demand for public transport will continue to rise, and we will continue to deliver the next generation of drivers - trained up and ready to roll,” she said.

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