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  • Kelsian Group Announces New Group Sustainability Manager

Kelsian Group Announces New Group Sustainability Manager

Friday 23 September 2022

Kelsian Group (Kelsian), the nation’s largest integrated marine, tourism and transport company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Rashveen Maini, in the new position as Group Sustainability Manager.

Ms Maini will oversee all aspects of Kelsian’s evolving sustainability mission and deliverables in providing its clients and customers with world class services that also work to minimise its impact on the environment and the communities served.

Ms Maini is an experienced sustainability professional and has a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Biology) from Eastern Connecticut State University, USA and a Masters of Corporate Environment & Sustainability Management from Monash University, as well as practical experience in developing and managing a sustainability function.

Ms Maini’s most recent role was Senior Sustainability Advisor at Beach Energy Limited where she was responsible for the development and management of the Sustainability and Climate Change policies as well as oversight of the company’s emissions reduction plans and reporting, together with managing the production of the annual Sustainability Report, and maintenance of external ESG ratings.

According to Ms Maini, her 10-year academic and professional career in sustainability has allowed her to work on a suite of opportunities and projects to create and deliver impactful sustainable solutions.

“My new role at Kelsian Group will allow me the opportunity to develop and lead the sustainability framework and reporting for the company, championing sustainability outcomes and transparently communicating sustainability goals and achievements,” Ms Maini said.

“Sustainability is increasingly becoming a key priority area for businesses around the globe as investors and customers are looking beyond the financial performance of the company when making investment decisions. Consideration of the environmental, social and governance issues can help companies improve their triple bottom line and enhance reputation in the market.

“The COVID-19 pandemic over the last couple of years has increased focus on sustainability even more by highlighting the importance of health and wellbeing and by heightening environmental awareness - it made us realise how much pressure we are putting on our planet and our ecosystems.

“Australians are now prioritising and addressing environmental and social challenges and are committed to incorporating sustainable practices in their day to day lives. It’s important that Kelsian Group’s services and solutions are aligned to the expectations of our stakeholders, helping us become an even more responsible and sustainable organisation.

“Kelsian is a proven leader in sustainable innovation and I believe we can progressively help in the achievement of globally-agreed upon Sustainable Development Goals that aim to boost economic growth and social wellbeing, while reducing the environmental impact.”

Kelsian Group CEO Clint Feuerherdt, said that Kelsian is steadfast in driving transport solutions and community initiatives which support the company’s continued sustainability ethos.

“Kelsian has a global and local commitment to continually explore and deliver innovative and effective sustainable practices, which will benefit our customers, our staff and the environment.

“This includes Transit Systems introducing two Australian-built hydrogen fuel cell buses in Victoria – a first for the state, operating 55 battery electric buses in NSW, approximately 300 battery electric buses in London in 2022, 13 battery electric buses in Singapore as well as hybrid and battery electric buses being deployed in Perth and Adelaide and the expansion of world-first battery electric charging infrastructure across the bus depot portfolio,” he said.

Transit Systems also recently took delivery of Australia’s first two hydrogen buses, offering their Government partners the opportunity to set a new sustainability benchmark in Australian public transport.

“Our green initiatives also extend to our solar powered depots, which are in place in NSW and WA, driver telematics and collision avoidance and R&D investment in hydrogen and electric vessel projects.

“We warmly welcome Ms Maini to the role and look forward to seeing her further develop, champion and drive sustainable initiatives for the company and the community,” he said.

Ms Maini’s position announcement comes after two other significant appointments made by Kelsian. Chris Briggs, who joined SeaLink in 2014, was recently promoted from the SeaLink’s General Manager in North Queensland to General Manager – Marine.

Mr Briggs has played an instrumental role in the design of the Coolgaree Cat and Maggie Cat where he has tailored vessel designs specifically to local environments as well as adding innovative design features.

The new General Manager for North Queensland, replacing Mr Briggs is Darren Spearman, who has worked at SeaLink as a Finance Manager since December 2018.