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  • Kelsian Group drives employee wellbeing in an evolving work environment

Kelsian Group drives employee wellbeing in an evolving work environment

Wednesday 08 June 2022

Jason Lee, Head of Health Safety Environment and Quality, Kelsian Group, appeared on the wellbeing panel at 2022 SA HR Leadership Summit

With approximately 7,000 employees across Australia, Kelsian Group, the nation’s largest integrated marine, tourism and transport company, continues to invest in employee wellbeing, making it a significant part of the company’s health and safety strategy.

Jason Lee, Kelsian’s Head of Health Safety Environment and Quality, recently took part as a panel speaker at the annual HR Leadership Summit in South Australia hosted by Business Insights Asia Pacific, sharing his insights and expertise on the value of investing in wellbeing to create a healthier and happier workplace.

According to Mr Lee, HR is an ever-changing landscape, especially during and after COVID - and leading organisations need to adapt quickly to respond to emerging employee needs.

“There has never been a more important time than right now for organisations to deliver robust strategies and programs to support employee wellbeing – it’s a whole of human approach, not just paperwork or programs. There’s a real need for strategies that help support self-development through to fostering community connections,” he said.

Mr Lee said successful HR strategies relied on having supportive executive teams.

“We continue to engage and work with the teams to improve engagement and outcomes, because it’s not a one size fits all approach – it’s personal and it’s personalised. Having a supportive executive team makes HR conversations, discussions and action, achievable.

“I’ve been very fortunate to work for organisations such as Kelsian Group where employee wellbeing is a big part of the health and safety strategy. I’ve been able to learn, participate in, and implement valuable strategies that create a better work environment,” Mr Lee said.

Mr Lee said wellbeing is important to him because it’s about being the best you can be physically and mentally.

“When we care and look after everyone’s wellbeing, we are creating an environment for people to be their best version, which contributes to a happy person and I believe, a more successful employee.”

Kelsian Group has significantly invested in employee wellbeing strategies including a national Driver Resilience Program and internal communications app - Blink.

“These initiatives allow the entire team to connect, from administration officers to drivers, and it means everyone across the organisation has the information and resources to confidently do their jobs well, and in turn, are happier in their workplace.

“Blink has enabled us to open a direct dialogue with our frontline teams, as well as providing access to the right information at the right time. The technology supercharged employee engagement, with the ability to share information and experiences - connecting with each other regardless of location or business unit. It has provided support and a sense of belonging, which was especially crucial during Covid, but the benefits are much longer term,” he said.

Mr Lee added that safety is an absolute priority, demonstrated by the implementation of the Driver Resilience Training Program.

“Through in-depth consultation the bespoke content of the program is meaningful, engaging and evidence based. This includes tailored learning videos relating to topics and issues identified during a mental health risk analysis.

“By making our roads safer for all road users, our entire team have more confidence and ability at work and when using the roads generally,” he said.

Mr Lee added that having a balance in work and life must always be a priority, especially when the two have become so blended.

“I believe in modelling the behaviour we want to see. Invest in yourself, which includes ‘me time’ such as exercise, reading, cooking – whatever activities that nourish you. I also recommend genuinely engaging others with care - authenticity is what leadership and wellbeing is really about,” Mr Lee added.

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