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  • LibertyBus introduces Jersey's first electric buses, paving the way for sustainable transportation!

LibertyBus introduces Jersey's first electric buses, paving the way for sustainable transportation!

Thursday 07 December 2023

LibertyBus is proud to announce the arrival of its first fleet of electric buses, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly public transportation system on the island.

The public was invited to join LibertyBus on November 30th from 4pm until 6pm at The Royal Square for an exclusive opportunity to view one of the newly arrived electric buses, which will soon be in operation. The event provided a chance to meet and engage with key members of the LibertyBus team.

The introduction of electric buses is a pivotal moment for LibertyBus and Jersey as a whole. The move aligns with the island's commitment to reducing carbon emissions and creating a cleaner, greener Island.

Kevin Hart, Director of LibertyBus, highlighted the importance of this transition to electric buses, stating, ‘We are thrilled to introduce electric buses to the LibertyBus fleet. This represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to sustainable travel. The adoption of electric buses not only aligns with our environmental responsibilities but also enhances the overall travel experience for our passengers’.

The new electric buses are expected to contribute to a reduction in air pollution, noise, and overall carbon footprint, benefitting both the island's residents and the environment.

Additionally, the new buses will include several innovative features such as:
✅ USB charge points on every seat to help customers stay charged and connected to their electronic devices during their commute.
✅ Passenger Announcement System to inform customers of upcoming stops and any road diversions, etc.
✅ Passenger Information Display which will soon provide details of bus departures from Liberation Station as well as flight departures from Jersey Airport.
✅ Induction Loop which supports improved hearing and communication for people with a hearing impairment.
✅ Camera Monitor System (CMS) mirrors to reduce any risk of accidents in Jersey’s narrower streets.

The new additions to the fleet are expected to be in operation w/c 11 December 2023 on the main network.