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  • Swan Transit bus drivers hopping on Radio Lollipop fundraiser

Swan Transit bus drivers hopping on Radio Lollipop fundraiser

Monday 27 March 2023

Bus drivers from Perth’s Swan Transit swapped their daily uniform for a more vibrant wardrobe on 15th March for the 28th annual Radio Lollipop fundraising event. Collectively, Swan Transit raised $10,579.60 to support children in hospital with care, comfort, entertainment and play.

Dozens of bus drivers transformed into their favourite characters from superheroes, Disney favourites, rock stars to princes and fairies – all to support not-for-profit, Radio Lollipop, which stands for Lots of Love and Laughter In Place Of Pain. In the process of looking colourful and fabulous, the bus drivers raised valuable funds and awareness to support young patients in hospital.

To kick things off, Swan Transit donated the first $1,000 and also hosted fundraising BBQs across the depots, where staff contributed towards the fundraising.

Brian Thompson, Managing Director, Swan Transit said every year the team embrace the opportunity to dress up and support such an important cause, and this year was no exception.

“Radio Lollipop Uniform Free Day is an important community day on our calendar and our team were committed in raising money for the cause but to also brighten our passengers’ day. This year, the costumes were creative, clever and more colourful than ever, which was great to see.”

Radio Lollipop has identified that one in every four children are admitted to a hospital before reaching the age of 14, with the service designed to help sick kids smile.

The international children’s charity aims to give young patients a voice and a choice during their stay. Whether it is requesting their favourite song or participating in fun competitions, the aim is that their stay at hospital can be a more enjoyable one.

“Sometimes it is the smallest of acts, like dressing up in creative costumes, that make the grandest of impacts, and that is why Swan Transit is absolutely onboard for this wonderful cause.” Mr Thompson said.

To donate to Radio Lollipop, visit https://www.radiolollipop.org/...