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  • Thousands of bus drivers add signature to road safety pledge

Thousands of bus drivers add signature to road safety pledge

Tuesday 17 May 2022

Transit Systems bus drivers across the nation have pledged their names in the National Road Safety Week 2022 campaign, raising awareness for the 1,200 people who die on the road each year and the 44,000 who are injured.

Traffic injury is the leading cause of death for Australian children under 15 and with 3,000 buses on the road, Transit Systems are passionate about educating, training, reminding and applauding drivers for their dedication to safe driving, year-round.

Chief Operating Officer Greg Balkin said while National Road Safety Week highlighted the cause and championed awareness, he was proud of the bus driver network for taking care every single day.

“As public transport providers, most of us spend the majority of our time out on the road each day. This week serves as an important reminder to us all to eliminate distractions, always be alert and keep safety front of mind while we are behind the wheel.

“We are also encouraging respect on the road – which is a two-way street. It’s about driving calmly and giving other road users, and especially heavy vehicle drivers, the space and courtesy to do their jobs safely. We all rely on professional road users for our produce, goods and groceries, as well as for public transport - and we all deserve to use the roads with respect and confidence,” he said.

National Road Safety Week is an annual initiative from the Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) Group, partnering road safety organisations and Government. The week highlights the impact of road trauma and ways to reduce it.

Public transport customers will notice an abundance of yellow during the week, with bus drivers and employees donning a yellow ribbon to symbolise the awareness week.

“When we look at the statistics surrounding deaths and injuries on our roads, we really cannot underestimate the importance of never becoming complacent behind the wheel and always having safety front of mind. Just one moment of distraction can have tragic and life changing consequences.

“Please stay safe on the roads, whether you are driving for work, for leisure, or are a pedestrian or cyclist - we all share the road and have an important role in ensuring everyone goes home safely,” he said.

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