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  • Transit Systems green fleet expands on South Australian streets

Transit Systems green fleet expands on South Australian streets

Tuesday 01 August 2023

It is estimated that more than 80,000 customer journeys will take place on Transit Systems’ hydrogen buses in the next twelve months, with public transport in South Australia shifting a shade greener.

Transit Systems is bringing the state’s first two hydrogen fuel cell buses into service from the Torrens Transit Morphettville depot, operated for the Department for Infrastructure and Transport.

The buses have been added to Transit Systems growing green fleet of sustainable transport solutions, which now includes Australia’s largest electric depot, 60 electric buses and two hydrogen buses.

Torrens Transit Managing Director, Andrew Jenkinson said,

“We are thrilled to be trialling two hydrogen buses in South Australia as we continue to lead the way in innovative and sustainable public transport to our communities.

“At Torrens Transit, we are steadfast in our pursuit for operational excellence and this drives us to improve the daily experience of our passengers. And now, many of them will be reaching their destinations in cleaner and greener buses.

“We commend the South Australian Government for embracing sustainable bus solutions and consolidating its position as a true industry leader in the adoption of green energy.

“The entire Torrens Transit team is proud in contributing to a free from diesel reliance in our South Australian communities and beyond.”

Fast facts:

  • More than 80,000 customer journeys are expected to take place in the next 12 months.
  • The green hydrogen will be supplied from Hydrogen Park South Australia, a nation leading collaboration between the SA Government, and Australian Gas Infrastructure Group to build and operate Australia’s largest electrolyser.
  • Hydrogen Park South Australia currently blends the green hydrogen into the local gas network or sold to BOC to be loaded into BOC tube trailers for delivery to industrial customers and now the Transit Systems hydrogen buses.
  • Transit Systems estimate approx. 90 tonnes of CO2 emissions will be saved per year, at a minimum .
  • The Foton Mobility Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses (FTH12’s) will operate from Torrens Transit’s Morphettville depot.

Transit Systems Chief Executive Officer Michael McGee said,

“We are committed to the relentless investment into researching green technology, while having the expertise and knowledge to deploy efficient change to decarbonise public transport.

“These hydrogen buses are a perfect example of this, as we are bringing our global experience from operating hydrogen buses in London, to the streets of South Australia.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to incorporate the Premier’s vision to turn South Australia into a world-class producer, user, and exporter of hydrogen. This vision is critical to help combat climate change and transform South Australia’s industry into a major global player in the renewable energy market.

“These hydrogen buses will utilise hydrogen that has been proudly produced at the Tonsley Innovation District. This trial will exploit innovative local supply chain solutions, gauge the economic benefits of renewable energy, and harness local talent as part of the South Australian Government’s pioneering work to support local industry into a green future,”

BOC South Pacific Managing Director Binod Patwari said,

“BOC is proud to be supplying green hydrogen to South Australia’s first hydrogen-powered buses through our offtake partnership with AGIG Hydrogen Park South Australia (HyP SA).

“With green hydrogen compression and transportation capabilities at HyP SA and technical expertise across the entire hydrogen supply chain, BOC is committed to supporting the development of green hydrogen for industrial and mobility customers in South Australia.

“BOC has been producing hydrogen in Australia for more than 80 years. We are committed to growing green hydrogen supply and continuing to build partnerships across industry and government to help achieve hydrogen scale.”

Australian Gas Infrastructure Group Chief Executive Officer Craig de Laine said,

“Green hydrogen is an increasingly important energy source in the renewable energy transition. It’s already being used in South Australian homes and industry as a reliable and sustainable option to reduce carbon emissions, and we are very excited to now supply it for use in public transport as well, demonstrating the growing application of this clean energy source. With the support of the South Australian government, the green hydrogen generated at our Hydrogen Park SA facility is contributing to our shared decarbonisation goals."

H2H Energy Group Chief Executive Officer Cranston Polson said,

“H2H Energy is very proud to be delivering a refuelling solution to help propel green hydrogen powered buses along the streets of Adelaide,” said Cranston Polson, company CEO. H2H Energy is an Australian company specialising in building hydrogen refuelling systems in Queensland.

“We have enjoyed a long and trusting partnership with Transit Systems Australia and the South Australian Government and I am delighted we can support these opportunities. In this case, our small mobile refueller, the Gateway, is being deployed for the task.”

Foton Bus Director of Asia- pacific region, Joe Zhou said,

“We applaud Torrens Transit and the South Australian Government on taking this major step into Hydrogen mobility for the masses. These Hydrogen buses will not only bring a cleaner, quieter transport option to South Australian commuters, but will enable Foton and our distributor Foton Mobility Distribution to work with Transit Systems and TAFE SA to impart our knowledge and experience in the management and maintenance of Hydrogen Fuel Cell transport, opening up new skilled employment opportunities.

“Transit Systems and Kelsian Group are very experienced in the operation of Hydrogen buses, having previously and successfully deployed a number in the UK, and we are looking forward to seeing the reaction of the South Australian Public when they get to experience our buses firsthand.”