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  • Transit Systems NSW maintains International Customer Service Standard at Integration Level

Transit Systems NSW maintains International Customer Service Standard at Integration Level

Monday 31 January 2022

‘Integration’ Level - The highest level of certification possible

Transit Systems NSW has maintained its certification at “Integration Level” on the 2021 International Customer Service Standard (ICSS) from the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA).

The CSIA conducted a comprehensive Healthcheck on Transit System NSW’s service, financial/governance, operational, and learning and growth perspectives and then rated its progress in terms of Intention, Implementation and Integration.

The ICSS uses a Balanced Scorecard Methodology to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation’s strategy with the standard being recognised and used by the world’s leading organisations.

The process of certification takes a collective organisational approach and challenges an organisation to consider how it embraces and delivers a complete and thorough customer focus in all its decision making.

Transit Systems COO Greg Balkin says maintaining the certification of “Integration Level” is an excellent achievement for Transit Systems NSW, especially in light of the challenges and disruptions faced due to COVID.
“The 2021 ICSS Certification Assessment reflected our dedication and determined focus in providing a customer service focus, especially in our operational and safety response to the pandemic.

“As the highest level of certification possible, achieving the Integration Level on the 2021 ICSS Certificate Assessment is a testament to Transit Systems NSW’s unwavering commitment to customer service. Also, as a multifaceted business, Transit Systems NSW’s mission is for our customers to continue to be our number one priority from the start of their journey to its completion.

“The entire team is steadfast in our approach to continue improving across all areas of the business, addressing social and environmental issues, through our detailed strategic planning and delivery.” he said.

Core strengths of the Transit Systems NSW business identified in the ICSS Certification report included a customer focus with dedicated Customer Charter and Customer Principles, its service and business initiatives including the transition from diesel to electric buses and key programs to focus on people with a disability, as well as the company’s response to the COVID pandemic and other risk management initiatives.