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  • Transit Systems retains and adds Greater Sydney Bus Contracts

Transit Systems retains and adds Greater Sydney Bus Contracts

Thursday 22 December 2022

Improving operational performance and customer satisfaction levels have been key to retaining Transport for NSW Greater Sydney Bus Contracts, according to incumbent operator Transit Systems.

Partnering with Transport for NSW for nearly a decade, Transit Systems’ new contract will see it retain the Region 3 bus services it has operated since 2013, and from mid-2023 it will commence operating Region 13 bus services in Sydney’s South-West including the Lidcombe, Granville, Bankstown and Liverpool areas.

Over the last decade, Transit Systems has helped deliver transformational change in NSW public transport according to Chief Executive Officer Michael McGee.

“The last 10 years in New South Wales public transport has seen some of the greatest shifts in customer behaviour. For example, we have witnessed the impacts on COVID and the change to travel demands in our cities’ CBDs. We have seen the launch of electric buses and the positive impacts on the customer experience and the local environment. We have also witnessed the introduction of NSW’s smart ticketing system and On Demand services - digitization of payment platforms, removing cash from services and offering our customers more convenient ways to book, travel and pay for their journeys.

“We have leveraged our global experience alongside our local capabilities to deliver meaningful improvements to customers and we’re committed to continuing to work with Transport for NSW to deliver considerable change and improvements to public transport systems to enhance outcomes for all stakeholders,” he said.

Having been re-awarded the Region 3 bus services, Transit Systems will continue to improve the performance of a service that has already transformed from an under-performing region in 2013 into one of Sydney’s consistently best-performing on-time running region.

“Since transitioning Region 3 in October 2013, we have achieved exceptional on-time running and patronage growth,” he said.

Achievements include service planning improvements on the T80 coupled with the introduction of double decker buses that resulted in Transit Systems achieving the best on-time running of all the Sydney Bus Contracts for Region 3, and a 50% increase in patronage.

“We have also met the challenges of taking on NSW’s largest region, Sydney inner-west Region 6 in 2018 – improving service delivery, delivering innovative On Demand operations and introducing headway managed services in Region 3 and Region 6, as well as deploying Sydney’s first electric buses with the country’s largest electrified depot,” he said.

Transit Systems is also Australia’s most experienced operator when it comes to contract transition.

“We have developed and refined our transitions approach, with no other Australian operator having our level of transition experience.

“We have the benefit of the most successful contract transitions in Australia, London and Singapore and we’re extremely proud to have mobilised more competitively tendered metropolitan public transport contracts than any other bus operator in Australia.

“It demonstrates that we are both a highly efficient operator and a successful ‘change’ manager,” he said.

Kelsian Group CEO Clint Feuerherdt said he was proud of the entire Transit Systems team.

“Transit Systems has built an industry leading reputation as an advanced transport operator in terms of innovation, sustainability and performance. We proudly set the benchmarks.

“We will remain focused on connecting people, linking communities, finding solutions, creating opportunities and enhancing cities as the operator of Australia’s greenest fleet, largest electrified depot and expert network planner,” he said.